Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Keziah, from the UK and living in South Africa

Me at the YWAM base in Jinja, Uganda
My name is Keziah and I live near Cape Town in South Africa. I am 9 years old. I get to be the first to post here because my Mum helped make the blog happen!

My Mum and Dad come from England. They both work with YWAM-AfriCom, which looks after the communication for YWAM in all of Africa, so we've traveled around Africa quite a bit and to other countries when Dad has been teaching on missions.

My most interesting memory was when my family went to Uganda. We went there in 2009 for 2 months because my Mum and Dad were running a workshop and doing some other stuff, helping to start a communication team for YWAM in East Africa. The coolest thing about being in Uganda (apart from riding on motorbike taxis) was that we went to the Hairy-Lemon. It’s an island in the Nile River and named after a pub in Ireland! We got there in a wooden canoe, which was really fun. This is a fact: Ugandans eat cooked ants! I ate some and they are DELICIOUS!

I think it is really cool being a YWAM kid because you get to travel everywhere!

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  1. Keziah...it was great having you here in Uganda with us! And well done for eating the fried termites...you won lots of respect for that! Welcome back any time, and maybe see you in the UK this summer.
    lots of love,
    the Wrights in Arua