Friday, 20 January 2012

Keziah — From Africa to England

Keziah is home sick from school. But you'd never be able to tell the energetic 10-year-old has a cough. I watch as she bounces across YWAM's International Communications office, her mass of orange hair springing behind her. I ask her to come and sit beside me — after all, I don't get as much of a chance to talk to MKs (mission kids) as I should like. Despite having half-way grown up as one.

She swivels back and forth in her chair as she beams up at me. "I've been in YWAM my whole life and I've lived in four countries," she tells me, holding up four fingers. "Mozambique, Uganda, South Africa, and now England." I asked her where she misses the most. "South Africa. I miss school there; they're too strict here in England. They make you change your shoes to go outside in the rain, but in South Africa, we didn't have to wear shoes at all!"

When asked about any interesting adventures she's had, she flashes a squinty-eyed grin and says a sentence which makes me cringe, "Eaintg flying-ants." When Keziah was living in Uganda she remembers being invited to a friend's house. While there, her friend offered her flying ants cooked in oil and butter with a dash of salt. At first Keziah was disgusted. However, as the week went on, she decided to give this odd a snack a try. Her thoughts? "It was fab. Tasted just like chips."

Keziah has been in YWAM her entire life, but never wants that to change. Despite having had more exotic adventures than the common 10-year-old, YWAM has not scared her off, but rather encouraged her to be more outgoing. "I want to do something with YWAM when I grow up. Maybe a literacy teacher? Whatever I do, I don't want to leave."

Sidra Zimmerman works for YWAM's International Communications office in England, and is also a part-time editor for YWAM Kids Wordwide. She is originally from Louisville, Kentucky.

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